And O

How pristine to remain unbeaten?

America in World Wars- 2-0

You know how the roadrunner and wile-e go

Athletes have never lost a Wheaties box

same with Schilling sporting bloody socks

The Sooners owned 53-57

BYU’s attendance into heaven

Lance 10-year de la France

Rocky has an And-0 Romance



UConn Females

History records all of their tales


The pressure of undefeated infamy,

Evolving to and 1 instead of loss free

Be wary,

Rousey tasted Holm

Larry and the Cs couldn’t play every game at home

The Pats got caught on Tyree

and Frazier doused Ali


How will current and 0’s grow to be known?

The Warriors are skittish for December 25th

but has history already been made?

While Carolina rides Cam’s coat tails

the Super Bowl ship has no Panthers on its sails

Tom Terrific grasps this captainhood

The way a GOAT deservedly should

Wounds cut into New England’s and 0

But well see how the playoffs go

Floyds a coward but hoists a donut

Next to his untarnished 49


The value in zero

In the correct column

Makes your squad hero

while each game ends

Public go solemn

The zero grows in worth


What is undefeated worth?








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