Swoosh Facts

Self proclaimed Swoosh is a graduate from the Mark H. McCormack Sport Management program at UMass Amherst.  As an aspiring sport writer/scout/analyst, Swoosh has racked in sport knowledge across the years and thirsts for more.

Swoosh hates foreign basketball players and domestic baseball players but loves African American quarterbacks and white wide receivers (there are exceptions).  Swoosh thinks soccer is a gaggle of soap opera actor-turned athletes prancing around in circles for 90 minutes while displaying zero form of entertainment.  Oh the final score was 2-1? And it was high intensity? Please tell me how this offensive onslaught of three scores in a two hour game deserves any recognition whatsoever. Even if every goal was a bicycle kick through the goalies legs, I’d rather just catch the 15 second tidbit on SportCenter.  You don’t need high scoring games to make a sport sweet, heck hockey is cool because its hard as diamonds and they constantly rock each other.  Its just because running around kicking a ball isn’t impressive.

Swoosh thinks if Thibs was LeBron’s coach his rookie year, LBJ would have won five total ships by now.

Overrated: Draymond Green, Tony Parker, Demarre Carroll, Otto Porter.

Underrated: Marcus Smart, Andre Drummond, Klay Thompson, Doug McDermott.

Although unrelated, one of Swooshes least favorite humans of all time is William Shakespeare.  The deranged man made up his own language to write bad poetry and tragic nonsensical love stories.  Throughout the existence of this blog Swoosh will randomly barrage Bill Shakespeare’s writing and make attempts to better his work with my own sport poetry based interpretations.

When I get famous I’ll have kids playing playstation on the side of my tour bus.

S/O Jalen, Bill, Riff, Post Malone, Trader Danny, Dr J, and Boogie


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