Top 10/Bottom 3: Episode One: # Beers drank before blackout

In my first edition of top 10/ bottom 3, a new segment where I will list and periodically explain 10 athletes atop a certain category of randomness that I select followed by the absolute 3 worst athletes within identical scenarios.

Episode 1 will break down a ranking of professional athletes sorted by how many beers could be consumed before bo.  If you haven’t watched a sport game and contemplated how much those behemoths could slug, your mind is probably following a more worthwhile topic.  But if you have, this is the list for you.  This list doesn’t define which athlete is the biggest drunk, just on any given sunday could consume more beers than the other.

10. Darko Milicic– Our first entry is a NBA flunk out turned wrestler.  He has tattoos that he feeds drinks.  Thats crazy.  This man clearly does this a lot. Id say he is 30+ easy here.

9. Doug McDermott– Most watchable college shooter all time.  Well maybe Jimmer.  Both probably drink a lot.  McBuckets likely more.

8. Brock Osweiler– His initials are B.O.  He is 6’8″.  He is a backup. For Peyton. I bet he drank over 30 when they beat the Pats.

7. Zach Randolph

6. Kendrick Perkins– Perk seems like the dude that a friend would bet couldn’t drink 40 beers in 2 hours and would would be too dumb to say no.

5. Mike Trout– For sure tank

4. Dirk Nowitzki– I have no proof nor have I ever seen him drink ever.  But human common sense and instinct would tell me that a 7 foot German dude that balls in America probably can drink

3. TJ McConnell– I have insider intel that McConnell would down dozens of beers before and after games while at Arizona.  Now the lowest paid player on Philly, you know he’s not out of practice.

2.Pat Connaughton–  There is no way this man doesn’t slay everything he does.  Potential nominee for the first induction class into the Saucelord Hall of Fame because Patty C oozes sauce.

1. Rob Gronkowski– His beer habits have been compared to Wade Boggs and Andre the Giant.  Gronk says he doesn’t drink often.  PR stunt.

Who could drink the least:

3. Sasha Vujacic– Sasha is a two beer kinda gal.  Likes a small glass of wine with his dinner.

2. Russell Wilson– Wouldn’t be surprised if he’d never had one.  Too many carbs.

1.Colin Kaepernick–  I don’t know what my problem with Kap is, but I am fairly certain that he doesn’t do beer.  Heck he’s probably gluten free or something absurd.





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