Ivan Rabb

PF California Ivan Rabb 6’10” 220 7’2” wingspan

Player Comparison: Chris Bosh

Why here: Rabb is a question mark in terms of his ability to transfer over and fit as a big in the current NBA. He is a scoring wing without three-point range and limited defensive upside, skills that aren’t highly toted in todays league. The Magic would benefit from bringing in another scoring option with the hope that he can develop into a plus defender to come off the bench for Aaron Gordon. Rabb has a unique skillset that if nurtured properly will be perplexing to defend and could bolster a weak second unit for the Magic. His athleticism and base as a ball handler could allow him to develop into a new age SF, but that is yet to be seen.

Strengths: Rabb has savvy as a scorer out of both the high and low post. Has good body control and finishing ability once his man is sealed… doesn’t need a perfect angle to finish buckets… has nice touch near the rim with baby hooks and up and unders. Face up scoring is his forte… has gentle jumper off the catch and out of post ups… uses step backs, jab steps, pump fakes, and head fakes… doesn’t need space to get shot up… is dependable shooter in traffic and through contact. Big hands provide impressive handling control while in the post… can warp dribbles to his desire… confuses defenders. Has good footwork in the low post… go to is drop-step, up fake, and finishing on the weak side… uses spins and lots of fakes… is creative and smart with using what the defense gives him. Has good touch with both hands.

Shows dependability as a pick and roll scorer… is creative and coordinated on the catch off the roll… gets the ball up quick and takes advantage of defensive lapses… has large catch radius. Ran good amount of high pick and roll at Cali… is impressive off one or two dribbles and avoiding blocks while attacking the rim… can contort body mid air.

His rebounding skills are one of his strongest attributes. Makes tricky bounces and impossible boards look easy with good use of lengths and clamping hands… frequently steals boards away from opponents… crashes with accuracy after predicting misses correctly. Is strong and confident rebounding in space… can board against contact and fouls. Not very often that he doesn’t find a body immediately once shots go up… isn’t caught watching the ball in the air.

Gets up and down the floor quickly… is a mobile and athletic big with ability to run the break and be a target for finishing in transition. Strong lob target. Beats slower bigs getting up the floor… fills lanes correctly.

Looks to have good overall IQ… doesn’t foul unnecessarily… doesn’t panic when under duress or double teamed… takes time with passes… doesn’t force shots or tricky passes… looks to have impressive vision in post, especially in finding other bigs or open shooters.

Defensive abilities are lacking but has shown glimpses of a strong foundation… understands verticality and timing on shot blocking… spaces the floor correctly and helps when necessary… is commendable as a switch defender in short spurts.

Weaknesses: Is very movable in the low post. Doesn’t have lower body strength necessary to handle imposing offensive threats on the block. Lack of vert and strength really limits his ability to block shots.

Is relatively flat footed when switched to defend guards… gets beat by explosive dribblers… doesn’t sit down enough on perimeter. Needs to improve a lot as a p&r defender.

His perimeter skills are lacking on the offensive end… doesn’t have a confident or consistent stroke from deep… lots of ugly misses from 18’ and further… although he is a savvy passer down low he struggles on the exterior… doesn’t have strong enough handle to put it on the floor through a defense. His touch could be improved upon after the dribble… often doesn’t elevate enough or rushes shots on dribble drive pull ups.

Low post moves aren’t versatile enough, especially against better talent… struggles to score or gain advantage over athleticism and length. Needs to improve his IQ for low post shot attempts… sometimes beats defenders but takes shot second too early or attempts the wrong shot rather than the easiest one. He is relatively weak against strength and contact… does not play through it often… gets stripped or bobbles ball instead of drawing fouls.

Isn’t explosive athlete… lacks vertical necessary to go up over contact.

Outlook: It will be interesting to see how Rabb fills out with more conditioning and weight added. He has the tools to be a unique player from a former age, but his defensive woes could hurt his ability to stay on the court early in his career. He should improve his conditioning, ball handling, and shooting stroke and just become a four with the ability to play big ball three. Obviously this is a long ways away.

Random Prediction: Gets mocked by Jimmy Kimmel. Airballs first shot attempt in the league. Wins dance battle against Ben Simmons in rookie sophomore game practice.


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