Terrance Ferguson

SG Australia Terrance Ferguson 6’7’ 185 6’9” wingspan

Player Comparison: Terrance Ross/ James White

Why here: The Blazers have too many centers with not enough talent at the position and a top-heavy onslaught of guards in their backcourt. What they don’t have is a dependable swing up player to defend and challenge other teams defenses as a shooter. Turner and Crabbe are backing up Portland’s Brinks truck, but neither is properly sufficient in terms of the teams needs. Ferguson is a long shot at this goal, but shows promise to be an athletic wing scorer that has defensive upside. With the size to guard up a position, T$ap Ferg should be able to mesh well with lineups that have both Lillard and McCollum in them.

Strengths: Has superior bounce through the roof… bouncy in traffic… bouncy on the break… bouncy on alleys… bouncy off dribble drives. Very likely a participant in the Dunk Contest early in his career, TFerg shows creativity and flexibility in the air. Plays well on the break… fast and speedy in filling the right lanes… moves ball correctly… doesn’t force takes. Has an impressive first step… gets right to rim when he only has one guy to beat.

Has a nice touch and consistent form on his jumper… elite elevation helps him get shot off in space… quick release, especially on catch and shoots… best as off ball shooter. Range seems to extend to the three. Has high post ability… most moves are fadeaways or turnarounds where he can use his vertical to create space.

Shows signs as a strong rebounder… is relatively weak but shows smarts off the glass- always grabbing a body to box out. Crashes well from the perimeter.

Lateral quickness and overall athleticism have resulted in glimpses of a strong defender. Keeps guards in front… bounce helps to contest jumpers… reacts and recovers well when beaten, as he occasionally pins shots and swats layups from behind. Hard worker… tries very hard in defensive isolations… shown signs as strong help defender but consistency needs to be improved upon.

Weaknesses: Needs to beef up a lot… gets moved in most areas… cant defend bigger opponents… cant body on drive… struggles to use jumping skills to his advantage when there is lots of traffic… gets road-blocked on off ball screens. Gets eaten alive when switched onto bigs and larger threes. Sometimes forces on dribble drive. Despite flashes as help defender he is overall too glued to his own man, who he occasionally loses.

Weak passer… doesn’t have wherewithal or vision to find teammates off the dribble or touch passes. Panics when pressured to pick up his dribble, turns the ball over.

Uninspiring ball handler… doesn’t have many moves in his repertoire… cant handle in traffic… is commendable in straight line drives and on the break but bobbles and loses the ball frequently. Sloppy plays with one handed passes that are off target.

Overall IQ is pretty low… weak in terms of efficiency (barely 8 per)… makes head scratching decisions on both ends of the floor.

Not an isolation scorer… hasn’t developed dependable pull up jumper… dribble is loose and out of control… doesn’t find his spot… defenses choose where he shoots. Cant fight through contact on layups… doesn’t avoid contact… poor at drawing fouls…

Outlook: His skills fit well with the Blazer’s offense as a two off the bench. If he develops a tighter handle and more consistency shooting from the perimeter he will have a roster slot for a while. Hopefully Portland’s training staff can beef him up enough where he can be dependable on both ends of the floor.

Random Prediction: Has four highlights on ESPN’s top ten in the first two months of the season, but then spends December-February in the G-League. Misses windmill free throw line dunk in Dunk Contest.


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