Bam Adebayo

C Kentucky Bam Adebayo 6’11” 255 7’3” wingspan

Player Comparison: Bismack Biyombo/ Adonal Foyle

Why here: The Nets are a dumpster fire. Pick the highest ceiling prospect at any level. Ideally they should trade Brook for more future assets so they can build towards a future where they are actually in control of their own destiny. Regardless, Bam should provide some frontcourt backbone for this squad. It would be extremely beneficial to build an identity of a scrappy and gritty grinding team focusing on the strengths of RHJ and Lavert. Bam should be a steal at this late in the first round.

Strengths: Muscle-man rim runner with dashes of traditional big man skills. Bam is exactly what his name induces. Elite size and athleticism for his position… surprisingly speedy, especially in the open court… impressive baseline to baseline IQ… plays above the rim… has no problems with contact in the post or in the air. Effective in the p&r… sets brick wall screens… rolls hard and intimidatingly. Has good body control and coordination in the air… imposing lob threat… big hands and large catch radius… can catch and tip with both hands accurately. Elite at sealing his man… always open on the block… enjoys catching over the top passes. Tries to break the hoop with dunks.

Offensive post game is limited but has shown glimpses of dependable hook and up and unders. Has an ok mid range game… didn’t have large sample size of face up or jump shots, but fundamentals are there. Uses evasive wiggles in low post face up situations.

Explosive rebounder… athleticism and strength shines through… timing and shiftiness round Bam out as a good rebounder off the glass on both ends of the floor. He shows strong IQ and instincts in terms of fighting for position and predicting bounces… is nearly impossible to swim or under cut for a better position. Tip slam enthusiast… goes over players… grabs ball early and at peak. Is very aggressive and physical in gaining position… can grab boards with both hands… showed prowess at rebounding while being held down. Is better offensive rebounder than defensive rebounder.

Is quick and agile as a switch defender… can contain guards on switches… is comfortable out on the perimeter. Has very active hands and is smart using his body to set ball handlers off balance. Plays high IQ D… doesn’t reach in on dribble drives… doesn’t swat excessively… avoids silly fouls. Is fast and intimidating in close outs… gets to shooters very quickly… impressive vertical and side-to-side leaping ability. Strong help defender… active in passing lanes… gets rip outs… pokes passes away… blocks over the top feeds.

Immovable interior post defender… is stronger and bigger than most opponents… has proper understanding of how to use body and footwork to keep opponent off balance and uncomfortable. Understands verticality. Has good timing when defending shots… isn’t prolific shot blocker but has shown signs.

Weaknesses: Offensive game is very reliant on power and strength… lacks finesse as a finisher and touch in his post game… has a very limited post arsenal, lacking creativity and much versatility. Sometimes becomes indecisive and forces bad attempts at rim… shoots shots not in his skill set. Doesn’t have much of any touch with his left hand. Despite strong defensive footwork, his footwork in the low post on offense is sloppy and jittery… he isn’t smooth or crafty. Despite his overwhelming strength and power he struggles when trapped or helped on in post.

Other than simple perimeter touch passes, Bam is a very weak passer… cannot be depended on to find open man or to maintain dribble for more than one or two bounces… his passes are very telegraphed and obvious, resulting in more turnovers than assists. Becomes lost and nervous in high post… waits too long to pass or make move for himself… takes bad shots or forces tricky passes.

Sometimes gets lost as defender… switch heavy offenses he stays too long or leaves too early… takes risks in passing lanes… is too reserved in defending low post situations.

Has tools to be a much better shot blocker… doesn’t get hands on as many shot attempts as would be assumed, which could be attributed to a reserved attitude as a rim protector.

Needs to improve his defensive rebounding. Loses ball to crashing players on their offensive glass. His IQ on the offensive boards disappears as a defensive rebounder… takes chances and guess wrong frequently… misreads positioning. Occasionally takes defensive rebounding possessions off.   Gives up after second chance boards.

Poor FT shooter.

Outlook: Bam should have minutes allotted immediately on this Nets team. I think a lineup that includes Brook and Bam would be mobile enough to defend other squads and would be versatile on offense to where movement would flow easily. Bam should enter the league as a great offensive rebounder and imposing threat as lob catcher and post defender.

Random Prediction: Bam becomes the most fun name to celebrate a successful play in the league. Dresses up as Santa at one of Coach Cal’s family parties.


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