Ike Anigbogu

C UCLA Ike Anigbogu 6’10” 250 7’6”

Player Comparison: Clint Capela/ Alonzo Mourning

Why here: The Hawks might be moving away from Dwight soon. Regardless they need potential back up bigs to fit in with a faster pace. Ike will mesh with an otherwise young and energizing core. Hawks should be looking to deal anyone with value for draft selections. Not moving Millsap before the deadline was a huge mistake. Now they’ll lose him, getting nothing in return, just like they lost Horford.

Strengths: Elite shot blocker… debatably biggest hands in draft… surprising leaper for a big… great timing on D… great P & R defender… spaces well as help defender, always close enough to block shot but far enough that closing out isn’t a problem. Can handle switches for short periods of time with his length and lateral agility. Defends intelligently in the post… uses length to advantage with verticality… stays grounded with strong base and is tricky to move or back down.

Rim runner… adept at catching lobs… good finisher on P & R… sets pretty opaque screens. Goes up with force when catching ball near hoop… uses pump fakes… powers through contact. Not much of a low post game, but there have been glimpses of a hook game.

Very athletic… fast and strong on the move… surprising leaper for a big… impressive motor and enthusiasm on the floor.

Needs improvement as a rebounder but has shown promise, especially as an offensive rebounder. Definitely a tip slam threat… gets his hands on lots of balls because of his length and athleticism… when he boxes out rebounding is very easy. Crashes glass with intensity from perimeter.

Very young and clearly a hard worker… thirst to learn and improve.

Weaknesses: Could improve rebounding skills… doesn’t position himself best in rebounding situations… often gets sealed. Would benefit from beefing up his lower half.

Very limited on the offensive end… no jumper… next to no post moves. Might be restricted to energy rim running big… doesn’t seem to have foundation to develop more versatile game. Struggles to fill lanes correctly on the break… fumbles passes because of confusion with timing of multi-tasking.

Boggle-minded passer… turns ball over… struggles to find open men even when they are close.

Defensive upside is contingent on his development of a greater awareness and IQ. His physicality and intensity needs to be harnessed and directed more subtly… is overaggressive- leading to numerous fouls. His p&r D is very inconsistent… too often off balanced… gets beat by quickness… inefficient with closes out. Handles post up defense situations well, but gets lost and confused in other situations. Doesn’t always commit to help, could communicate with teammates better.

Has slew of apparent leg and foot injuries… didn’t seem hindered at UCLA.

Outlook: Ike will develop mutually with a young PG looking to improve their playmaking ability. That’s Schroeder. He should get good advice of what not to do in terms of team habits and what to do in terms of defensive improvements from Dwight. I project his game will develop to fit well alongside the new era of hoops, especially as a backup big.

Random Prediction: He starts more games this year than Dwight Howard. Gets ejected for an unintentional flagrant 2 in the first week of the season.


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