Wesley Iwundu

SG Kansas State Wesley Iwundu 6’7” 205 7’0” wingspan

Player Comparison: Tony Snell/ Solomon Hill/ Kent Bazemore

Why here: The impending free agency of Gordon Hayward could spark a sense of insurance on the case of the Jazz. Not that Iwundu is going to become Hayward’s level on his own, but because losing Gordon will result in greater minutes for an aging ISO Joe Johnson, Ingles (if retained), Burks and Rodney Hood. The Jazz could do with another defense first player to bolster their already sturdy defensive identity. Iwundu shows signs of being an elite wing defender, an ability Hayward was forced to adopt, and one Utah would welcome with open arms.

Strengths: Athletic versatile wing with defensive intensity. Shows promise in ability to put the ball on the floor in transition/off catch and finish at the rim. Is a tenacious player down low… fights for space… impressive hops… rebounds aggressively… keeps ball high and goes right back up on offensive glass… turns quickly and gets ball to outlet or pushes it himself on DRebs… finishes through contact. Plays well with and without ball in transition… makes right passes… fills lanes correctly.

Has good vision for a wing (3.5 apg at KState)… finds cutters off dribble drive… gives good lob passes… isn’t blind to open shooters, even when being pressured or doubled.

Great help defender. Good on ball defender. Quick and active hands on D, often leads to tipped passes and strips off weak-side drives. Can guard both guard positions, with potential to guard small ball threes and fours.

Weaknesses: Senior (22.5 y/o). Has ideal frame for position but could use more muscle and weight.

Has strength when finishing but sometimes loses control of ball/fails at unrealistic layup. Has shown ability to shoot three, but all jump shooting has been extremely inconsistent. Doesn’t have much in terms of his own shot creation. Lacks finesse and creativity at the rim.

Occasionally shows immaturity on defense with lost matchups or skipping a help rotation.

Overall needs to improve all aspects of his game, especially on the offensive end.  Seems to have a good baseline with most areas, but nothing stands out other than his defensive potential.

Outlook: A raw prospect that is projected more frequently as an early second round pick rather than a late first, Iwundu will benefit from landing in a defensive system that also has scoring veterans at his position.

Random Prediction: Iwundu will play a total of 25 minutes his first two years in the league, but will become a starter by year seven. Snyder will play him positions 1-4. Will win 2019 All Star Game MVP in the G-League.


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