Johnathan Motley

SF/PF Baylor Johnathan Motley 6’9” 230 7’4”

Player Comparison: Luc Richard Mbah Moute

Why here: After a week-of trade, the Nets sent this pick along with Brook Lopez to the Lakers for Russell and Mozgov.  Regardless, the need remains the same.  The LA Lakers need to pick best player available in every situation possible because their squad has next no assets whatsoever (after Ball).   High risk high reward players are welcomed as well. Their young core- Ball, Ingram, Randle, and Zubac? lacks grit and intensity. Motley helps with this style.

Strengths: Great rebounder for his position (nearly 14 per 40)… ferocious tip slam threat… persistent on offensive glass… aggressive on defensive glass.

Has legitimate size and strength for the big wing positions… an NBA body… very overwhelming defender… quick and annoying as a help defender.

Tenacious thrasher… dunks absolutely everything… intense motor… strong arms result in busting through contact… good lob catcher. Some level of post game- fade aways, hooks, spins. Is consistent from face ups… spins off one or two dribbles… has nice immediate cross… moves defenders with side to side and straight line drives. Uses pump fakes and hesitation moves to his advantage. Has an underrated level of finesse at the rim off drives. Can handle the ball in transition with average consistency, although he is prone to poke aways.

Weaknesses: A junior coming off a meniscus tear… durability and age are clear factors limiting Motley’s ceiling. His play style might struggle to mesh with modern NBA… has issues as perimeter scorer… is inconsistent in the p&r. Needs to improve awareness on both ends. Is subject to lots of foul calls.

Has to improve as a jumpshooter from all areas… mechanics are extremely peculiar. Footwork on offense is underwhelming, sometimes poor. Gets frustrated when facing long opponents… doesn’t have IQ to use strength or finesse to avoid defenders.

Surprisingly average athletically… not a great leaper… has good quickness and agility but isn’t exceptionally fast… lacks explosiveness on both ends. His shot blocking ability is limited by his struggles with timing, and misuse of weight against stronger post players.

Predictable ball handler. Doesn’t have smooth touch off the dribble. Poor passer. Definitely turnover prone… doesn’t read defenses… gets overwhelmed when trapped and swarmed… struggles to find open shooters… lacks ability to lob to other bigs. He frequently forces contested shots rather than being patient or finding a teammate.

Outlook: (Nets should trade Brook Lopez for some picks. Like send the Thunder Lopez for an expiring, a second rounder, and their first round pick next year. Re-build some rapport and respect in the league after completing one of the wildest trades ever with the Celtics.) — That was my write up before the trade was made.  But yeah Motley should fit in well.  An addition of his type player makes it more likely they try to ship out Luol Deng as well.  Lakers fleeced the Nets.

Random Prediction: Goofy set of courtside Lakers fans become The Motley Crew, and wear masks and uniforms to games. They do lots of dancing and lots of cheering despite having nothing to cheer for. Motley will dunk on Dwight Howard his rookie year.


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