Harry Giles

PF Duke Harry Giles 6’11” 225 7’3”

Player Comparison: Darrell Arthur/ Gorgui Dieng

Why here: Matches the Bucks DNA. Giles is their 5th player for their future legendary lineup of Giannis, Middleton, Parker, Giles and Thon. It honestly makes too much sense. Milwaukee has depth at most positions, so it makes sense to swing for the fences with a high risk high reward piece like Giles. Harry is apparently performing very well in pre draft workouts so don’t be surprised if he isn’t available at this stage in the draft.

Strengths: Aggressive thrasher… plays above the rim despite not fully regaining his bounce since injury… prefers finishing with dunks… impressive motor… big and soft hands… does alright with fighting through contact… good lob catcher. Flashes of post game- mostly hooks and spins. Has range that extends to the three, although consistency is yet to be determined. Seems to be very dependable p&r big… has awareness for tricky catches… rolls intelligently. Can play both face up and back down… is comfortable with quick moves. Moves on floor with ease… is agile and smart in transition… fills lanes well… outruns most fives. Was potent and versatile offensive threat before his injury. Could pan out at any front court position 3-5.

Has legitimate size and strength… very determined defender. Impressive low post defender… if low body strength returns to high level, will be elite defensively… long reach and good timing for blocks… contests everything… fight around seals in post. Quick feet allows him to stay with fours. Great help defender. Shows promise as p&r defender… quick hands and long arms result in lots of tips and steals… can contain ball handler in small spurts.

Great rebounder (16 per 40). At baseline will be rebounding monger at next level. Pursues off the glass hungrily… quick feet paired with length and timing give him advantage… great offensive rebounder… fights for position with heart… textbook box outs… tip slams… strong hands when boarding in traffic.

Weaknesses: Clearly still plays with level of tentativeness from injuries. His strength and athleticism has not returned to its full level pre-injury. Game isn’t dependent on athleticism, but ceiling is very limited without full recovery.

Needs to improve as a jumpshooter… mechanics are ok, but adjustments could be made… has quickness to create off dribble but defenders sag off and dare him to shoot.  Footwork on offense is choppy and scrambled. Becomes indecisive with moves on offensive end. Touch in post is extremely inconsistent. Handle on drive isn’t varied enough… predictable dribbles result in bobbles and turnovers. Bad free throw shooter. Can’t pass… turns ball over with forced looks.

Could use more discipline and direction in terms of defensive decision-making. Lots of fouls—almost 8 per40. Needs to beef up strength and weight for more consistency guarding fives. Sometimes gets lost in no-mans land on D… gets beat by backdoor cuts and sneaky off ball movement.

Outlook: The Giles/Thon frontcourt has potential to be so imposing. Every NBA team could use Giles because he has the ability to play 3-5 competently. Giles is relatively raw, and similarly to Giannis and Thon will take time to develop. He’s going to have a good rookie-sophomore game. Or world game or whatever. The Bucks training and medical staff is one of the strongest in the league, hopefully they will reinforce some strengths that have faded off since his return from his ACL tears.

Random Prediction: Will not suffer another leg injury his entire career. Lead rookies in rebounds. 4x Eastern Conference Champion.


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