Jarrett Allen

C Texas Jarrett Allen 6’11” 240 7’6” wingspan

Player Comparison: Robin Lopez/ Steven Adams

Why Here: Indy is probably looking to pair this draft pick in a trade to bring in more assets for a further playoff push. If they want PG13 to stay, they’ll need to prove their effort to surround him with championship level talent. But, if they are packing it in, and expecting to move George or just see him walk in free agency, then picking best available is a smart move for them. At this point Allen is just that. He will pair well with the only other promising piece this franchise has moving forward in Myles Turner for a young and budding frontcourt.

Strengths: Elite size. Should be able to contribute in the rebounding department immediately… offensive rebounding is impressive because of his speedy put backs… can grab boards in traffic. Has really big hands… has ok base for a strong p&r big… catches lobs well… dunks in space and after beating defender 1v1 (he was among dunk of the year candidates for his cock-back punch on WVU). Doesn’t play consistently over the rim, but gets athletic when at full effort. Has potential to be good rim running big… moves well in transition… has long graceful strides. Post game shows promise but is relatively limited to hooks, shooting over the top, and drop steps.

Strong defensive tools… good but naïve shot blocker… times jumps and swats well… holds his ground in post… is able to contain for short periods of time on switches to guards… strong help defender down low… quick footwork and agility in short spaces. His length and size paired with his quickness give him an advantage when playing the passing lanes, resulting in lots of tips and steals from cross court and over the top passes.


Although hints have arisen of a mid range jumper, the shot is not yet dependable. Bad FT shooter. Needs to become much more physical in terms of toughness and overall strength. Gets overwhelmed when doubled in the post or when forced to pick up his dribble outside of the paint. Doesn’t have basic dribble moves for post proficiency… pretty limited to single power dribbles. Often appears to be weak with ball… brings it too low… slight bumps result in the bobbling of the ball. Makes mistakes passing out of the post… doesn’t choose easy pass… allows defenders to be active in passing lane. Poor floor spacing… doesn’t move to open spots on floor… crowds teammates… drives into help defender too frequently. Has ability to finish from unusual angles, but often loses himself on the court in relationship to hoop. Post moves are limited– needs a turnaround.

Is inconsistent defending the low post… has issues with more physical players that know how to use their weight, as he does not yet know how to use his… struggles to be effective when contact is initiated by offensive player. Low passes get past him quite easily. Sits down on face up D, but doesn’t have footwork to stay with quicker players in open space.

Outlook: Allen has an appealing ceiling that will be determined by his strength, conditioning, and ability to learn the game at a higher level. He got run in this year playing the four at Texas, and that variability should help him share more minutes with frontcourt future piece Myles Turner.

Random Prediction: Changes afro to cornrows after rookie slump—transitions play and becomes relevant. Signs with Spurs after his rookie contract ends.



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