Caleb Swanigan

PF Purdue Caleb Swanigan 6’8” 250 7’4” wingspan

Player Comparison: Zach Randolph/ Jared Sullinger

Why here: The Laker’s choice here is very contingent on who they grab with their second overall selection. If they can grab Lonzo/another guard then this selection makes sense. If they decide to snag a player like Jackson or Tatum then they may go a different avenue with this selection. Swanigan gives the Lakers a hopeful offensive addition to their top-heavy and young frontcourt of Randle and Zubac. The Swan will add grit and another promising prospect to this young core.

Strengths: Low post threat… bully ball specialist… great length allows for more moves… strong body control after initiating contact… great footwork with drop-steps/baby hooks/ turn arounds/ etc.

Possesses abnormal strength especially in terms of gaining rebounding and low post position. Resilient off own misses. Aggressive offensive rebounder… rebounds with both hands nearly every time.

Has touch and confidence to stretch shot out to 3… will develop consistency with more attempts. Good pick and roll player… has gentle hands… sets meaty screens… can pick and pop with effectiveness.

With correct conditioning has tools to be great rim runner and transition player. Great passer out of the post… creative with his passing angles… highlight level passer… weaves needles through multiple defenders… plays well with a baseline runner and backdoor cutter.

Weaknesses: Plays below the rim… wont surprise you with any athleticism. Isn’t phenomenal defender… has length and strength but not much lateral speed or agility… could struggle to keep up with NBA fours… lack of elite athleticism and height will prevent defensive ability against fives. Has struggled with weight in past, but appears to have put issues behind him. Doesn’t have quick hands, limits shot blocking and ability to steal the ball.

Outlook: Zubac and Randle are promising talents and should develop into dependable players, but neither is a low post threat in terms of scoring. Swan gives this offense a low post threat. This type of player allows for increased spacing and options on the offensive end. Swan should fit in well as a role player on most teams, and has the tools to be a part of the updating pace and space offenses that are present across the league.

Random Prediction: Wears outrageous outfit to All Star Weekend. Changes his jersey number six times throughout career. Rolls out 13 game double double streak as a sophomore.


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