Malik Monk

SG Kentucky Malik Monk 6’4” 200 6’5” wingspan

Player Comparison: Monta Ellis/CJ McCollum/Eddie Jones

Why here: Monk has the tools to be a high-volume scorer in the league, and on this team he should be given the minutes and freedom to develop into that player. The Magic certainly have a lot of holes. Everything seems to be a question mark. Luckily Monk is a good fit for most offenses, both as an off ball creator and as a ball handler, and especially as an isolation scorer. Monk is my favorite player in the draft, and it pains me to see him go to a team with clouded management and player roles, but his talents should shine through. Hopefully the new regime will make strides to build an offense around Malik where he can develop into the prolific scorer he was born to be.

Strengths: The best shot creator in the draft by far. No space needed. Put two defenders on him–no problem. Off the dribble, off the catch, it doesn’t matter. Lightning quick release. Moves off ball with remarkable ease. Handles well in transition. High offensive IQ. Phenomenal isolation player. Creativity seeps through with vast variety of jump shots: step-backs, spin jumpers, fade-aways, hesitation dribbles, floaters, up-fakes, cross and double crosses, etc. Strong two-man player, works well in pick and pop situations. Willing and able passer, especially lobs. Athletic finisher at the rim. Sneaky leaper. Gets up for nifty dunks when given space. Gets downhill and can stop on dime for jumper.

Weaknesses: Size isn’t ideal for position. Defensive end will be an issue. Weak help defender, weak post defender, and weak pick and roll defender. Often gets bodied by larger opponents. Has strong lateral quickness but does not yet have IQ on D to apply his athleticism in helpful manner. Ability on offensive end often results in ill-advised shots. Disappears at times, goes several possessions without touching the ball. Is caught watching the ball on both ends. Sometimes becomes indecisive with dribble. Not proficient at getting to the line.

Outlook: Monk has potential to be a mind boggling scorer.   His athleticism and clutch ability should keep him on the floor. Defensive liability can be hidden on some PGs where there will be less size mismatches. The Elfman Payton should assist in his development, as he will be able to brunt the majority of difficult backcourt matchups.  Monks talent is remarkable and has the tools to be a magnificent NBA athlete and scorer. Look out for games when he gets hot, as those will be ones where his leadership and compatibility with teammates will shine true.

Random Prediction: NBA Rookie of the Year (2018). Finishes career 7th all time on total three pointers made. 2x All Star (2020-2021). 2021 All Star Game MVP. Name gets mentioned in 2 Drake songs and 4 Riff Raff songs.


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