Justin Jackson

SG/SF North Carolina Justin Jackson 6’8” 195 6’11” wingspan

Player Comparison: Nicolas Batum/ Matt Barnes

Why here: JJacks will get slotted into a team with strong defensive DNA, hopefully bolstering his already promising abilities on that end.  For him to succeed he will need to improve as a spot up shooter at the disposal of Westbrook, another quality he has shown glimpses of.  Overall the Thunder need more two way players with shooting and scoring upside.  Jackson is exactly that.

Strengths: Elite size for a swing. Has tools and length to be strong defender. Seems to have onset DNA of a 3 and D talent. Strong athlete, tested out well with measurables in the combine. He has a great basketball IQ… is adept at taking best shot defenses give… moves smooth off the ball and through screens with ease… good cutter… fills open lanes and calls for ball when open… makes smart passes and finds open teammates when pressured or double teamed. Has shown improved ability as shooter: shot improved off the dribble, screen, and catch. Quick feet on defensive end… plays long and active in pass lanes… blocks jump shots because of length and IQ with strong timing. Good help defender and perimeter defender. Good transition defender.

Weaknesses: Not strong enough to guard past the three, and could struggle with bigger threes. Weak against post ups. Lacks a handle, especially in transition. Doesn’t get to the rim with ease… cant finish in traffic or with contact (often avoids contact)… body control isn’t impressive… is forced into ill-advised floaters and runners because of weak frame and lack of thrashing ability.

Outlook: His style and role is relatively malleable in todays NBA. His ability to pan out as a 3 and D player will allow him to fit in most teams’ rotations with no problem. Pairing him with a competitive group of guys that are gritty on D will help him flourish into the two way player he should be.

Random Prediction: Is caught wearing his own jersey at a public pool. Averages more than 1.7 steals per game for 5 straight seasons 2024-2028.


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