Josh Jackson

SF Kansas Josh Jackson 6’8” 205 6’10” wingspan

Player Comparison: Gerald Wallace/Andre Iguodala

Why here: The Celtics seem to believe this was their guy at number one overall anyway, so trading down a couple slots while picking up some assets made logical sense.  While Jaylen Brown can switch up from three-four, Jackson will bring versatility to switch down to the two slot.  Drafting Jackson also relieves Boston of having to make difficult decisions in the backcourt where they would have muddied the waters by drafting Fultz.  Jackson’s prowess as a defender and passer fits in perfectly with the Celtics’ DNA.

Strengths: Supreme athleticism. Leaping ability out of the gym. On the defensive end he shows strength and poise when guarding up, and active hands with quick feet when guarding down. Guards well off screens. Strong tenacity. Showcases winning plays on defensive end… helps and plays passing lanes with extreme effectiveness… takes switches personally, brings ferocity when guarding C/PG off switch.

Best passing forward in draft… has already established vision, a high pass IQ is in the process… good touch passer and off dribble distributer… feeds with both hands adequately from difficult angles.

Shows confidence in raw jumpshot.   Improved over the course of the season, transformed from rim runner to shot creator.   Great hands. Adept at catching alleys and deep outlet passes. Active and energetic rebounder when near the hoop.

Handles, passes, and runs floor without flaw in transition. Shifty once downhill… has explosive power in air. Has convincing up fakes off the catch, opening the floor for his above average midrange scoring game. High IQ when defense collapses- finds best open shooter, open man under hoop, or cutter. Had flashes of approach game with sets of floaters and gliding hooks. Impressively vast high post arsenal- turnarounds, step backs, jump hooks, bank shots.

Plays off ball extremely well… high IQ cutter… loves backdoor alleys. Fills holes well in sets and in transition.

Weaknesses: Shot mechanics have clear issues- obvious hitch/slow release. Takes risks because of passing ability. Gets turnovers because defense anticipates his decisions. Three shows lapses in consistency. Not much capability on low post. Lacks elite strength and ability to use body with back to basket. Does not bully. Ineffective when dribbling into his shot, often loses creativity with his handle in the halfcourt.

Outlook: Similar to Brown last year, Jackson won’t get a ton of minutes.  He will be able to prove himself in important situations, especially in the playoffs.  Because of his similarities to Brown, the two should motivate and work off one another to develop into All Stars.  Jackson has skills that translate and should have no problem succeeding in a number of various situations.

Random Prediction: Steals the ball out of Steph’s hand as time expires to seal the series win in 2021. 4x All NBA Defensive Second Team (2022-2025).


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