Jonathan Isaac

SF/PF Florida State Jonathan Isaac 6’11” 205 7’2” wingspan

Player Comparison: A 6’11” Trevor Ariza

Why here: The TWolves are looking to bolster their defensive identity while also adding off ball shooting threats. Isaac offers both facets while having the opportunity to slide into a starting role at one of their weaker positions in forward. Thibs needs more hard-nosed players willing to make a defensive impact first, and play smart hoop on the other end. If they weren’t attached to Rubio/Dunn duo they could benefit from snagging a promising PG here, but they usually draft to position and fit not bpa.

Strengths: Isaac has elite length and height for his position. Despite a relatively small sample size, Jon proved to have strong 3-point consistency on FSU. He has a quick release, which paired with his size makes for a nearly unblockable stroke. Spaces the floor well for a big, moving off ball and filling the open lane on cuts. Is a scoring threat off the ball, especially with back door cuts.

Lapses in movement seem to be consequence of a poor offensive scheme and not bad judgment on Isaac’s part.

Good touch passer on the perimeter. Doesn’t force bad offense, especially on post ups. Not put in many high post situations, but shows mechanics to have success drawing D and dumping to teammates near the rim.

His hand size and quick feet pair for a potent defender. Shows promise as a switch defender on all positions and prowess as a team defender. Help defense results in lots of strips and weak side blocks.

Shows impressive leaping ability especially for his size. Imposing athlete. Has a lightning first step that catches most defenders off-guard.

Weaknesses: Needs to beef up. Added muscle would allow for greater array of offensive options and defensive impenetrability. Handle is lacking- shows ability to create own shot with dribble out of post ups and with large amounts of space, but struggles to dribble under duress. Has varying post arsenal (baby hooks/turnarounds), but would benefit from adding footwork fundamentals, especially for up-and-unders, drop steps, and spins.

Outlook: One of the more raw prospects in the draft, Isaac will benefit dramatically from the right developmental staff around him. He shows all the necessary tools to be an elite futuristic swing. A 3 n D forward/flex center on small ball lineups. Towns appears to be ideal pairing, as Isaac has play style more conducive to moving perimeter to perimeter along the baseline. The TWolves have attempted to play Dieng in this role, but his lack of speed and 3-point range limits the offense’s effectiveness. Similarly, Bjelica struggles to be much of an offensive threat outside of spot up shooting. Isaac will provide the potential for a more dynamic offensive threat to mesh with Wiggins and Towns, while helping build a stronger defensive identity.

4x NBA Champion (2022-2023, 2026, 2029). 6th man of the year (2019). Gets sponsorship deal with peanut butter/jelly brand Smuckers; gets signature pb&j shoe.


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