Frank Ntilikina

PG France Frank Ntilikina 6’5” 190 6’11” wingspan

Player Comparison: Darren Collison/ Terry Rozier/ Dennis Schroeder

Why here: The Kings will run down the clock with this draft selection, overanalyze, panic, and select a second PG. To make an argument for the pick, taking two guards will increase the chance of one of them hitting, but the obvious connotation is that they are potentially limited the development of one of these young players. Although the Kings have built a reputation of being non player friendly, a two PG draft could motivate both players to step up and play their best with the intention of beating out the other for the starting job (which is wide open). At least that’s what they hope. Ntilikina seems a bit more raw than Dennis Smith and would likely render the starting position to the NC State star, as his development timeline is a bit behind.

Strengths: A sleek athlete with good speed and incredible size for his position. Creative at the rim… finishes at difficult angles and in limited space… occasionally elevates for explosive dunk in traffic. Good pick and roll player… strong lead passer… imaginative lob passer… reads defenses well.   Great transition player… great ball handler in open space… fills lanes well and directs teammate movement… gets easy buckets on the break… draws fouls with IQ. Average shot mechanics with range extending to the three. Great defensive foundation. Impressive IQ on both ends… predicts defensive breakdowns and shifts… finds teammates in flow of offense… plays passing lanes extremely well on D… fronts posts on mismatches well… doesn’t cheat… active hands and quick arms allow for blocks, steals, and poke outs.

Weaknesses: Can improve as a ball handler… struggles when pressured or double teamed… isn’t talented enough with dribble in space when attacking… turns ball over a lot… is forced to picked up his dribble often. Despite great frame and length he lacks strength to guard up for long periods of time. Passing is asset, but struggles to weave ball through small spaces where multiple defenders are present. Often plays predictable on offense.

Outlook: As the rawest prospect in the lottery, Frank the Ntank needs time to make mistakes and work out the quirks in his game. Ntilikina will go to a team with a promising young shooter in Hield and not much else. His development will hinge on his minute load and the Kings’ front office ability to get a viable option at PF/C.

Random Prediction: Starts 37 NBA games for his career. Singlehandedly wins playoff game in 2026 when his teams starting PG goes down with an injury.


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